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The Doctor in the TARDIS. Next stop, everywhere.

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tick tock.

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he saved my life

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Sophie Turner for NYLON Singapore (July 2014)

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❝ You don’t need to be
someone else’s universe
to be able to see
that you are a galaxy.

You don’t need to be
someone else’s light
to be able to appreciate
the way you shine. ❞
m.v., For every girl that ever felt she wasn’t enough.  (via findingwordsforthoughts)
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get to know me meme [2/5] male characters: ben wyatt

"Nerd culture is mainstream now."
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Endless Night
Adam Marshall Photography 

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME → favourite female characters [3/10] » Fleur Delacour

"You thought I would not weesh to marry him? Or per’aps, you hoped?” said Fleur, her nostrils flaring. “What do I care how he looks? I am good-looking enough for both of us, I theenk! All these scars show is zat my husband is brave!"

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